Make a complaint

How can you contact the Commissioner for Children?

You can make a complaint by:

  • Filling out the contact form below or sending an e-mail to
  • Sending the information (message) in a letter addressed to Jozef Mikloško or the Commissioner for Children. The post office accepts information (messages) from children for the Commissioner free of charge, even without putting the message in an envelope. It is sufficient for the information (messages) to be addressed to the name or the function of the Commissioner;
  • In writing – you can bring your complaint in person to the Office of the Commissioner for Children;
  • Orally on the record – one of our experts will receive you at the Office.

Contact form for submitting a complaint

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Everyone has the right to turn to the Commissioner for Children in the matter of a violation of a child’s rights or a threat to a child’s rights.

A child has the right to contact the Commissioner for Children either directly or through another person, including without their parents’, tutors’, guardians’ knowledge and/or without informing other persons to whom the child is commissioned into foster care.

Everyone who has the right to contact the Commissioner. Everyone has the right to use their native language when communicating with the Commissioner and to communicate with the Commissioner in a form of communication accessible to them.